Christine Seewald Art & Ceramic

Erratic blocks

From discarded pieces of decorated clay, I form handles for specifically prepared vessels. I do this freely, following my intuition. Hence, every object is unique and conveys the beauty of serendipity.



An attempt to capture the permanent possibility of a healing process; to symbolise/express the hope for healing in an upright and upwards-striving, almost plant-like shape. The tarrying, persevering on the one hand – and the expectation, the connection, the good resolution on the other hand.

The Three Magi

Shaped only with my hands and without using any tools except the back end of the slab of clay.
Grogged body, iron oxide, 1260°C.

The Good Shepherd

Psalm 23

In the wind

Earthenware, Engobe


Spontaneous, fast sketching of human faces. In this phase I stumbled upon the poem “Waking up” by István Kemény. Grogged stoneware, iron oxide, feldspar glazing, 1280°C.

Winter impressions

Gouache on canvas.

A walk through a wintry landscape gave me the inspiration for this painting. I was working from memory, just following my intuition. While the motifs are derived from actual buildings and objects just outside my hometown, there are also structural elements from more distant memories which found their way into the work during the painting process. I deliberately opted for a fast, sketch-like style of working.